Azure finally gets a job scheduler!

Yes I know they already had scheduling available in mobile services, but now it looks like job scheduling (aKa Cron jobs) will be one of the standard features in Windows Azure – woohoo!

As per the documentation – – the scheduler can be used to:

  • Perform GET/POST requests against your application urls and/or
  • Send messages to Azure service bus for your worker roles to act upon

I’ve been waiting for this feature for ages, as I’ve had to rely on other Cron services such as SetCronJob for this sort of functionality in the past (where the Cron service calls one of my website urls, which then performs the work and returns a 200 status code for success). Whilst SetCronJob is great, it’s nice to be able to perform the scheduling within Azure, so it can sit alongside the other components of whatever service you’re building. 

Currently the scheduling service is in preview and available via the REST API (there’s a Nuget package to use it), but no doubt it will soon be added to the management portal. 

Thanks for adding this Microsoft!!!!